Policy and Planning

Transportation for America State of the Art Workshop and Training, Yosemite Bug Hostel, Bodie Building
Joseph Kunkle, principal and director of MASS’s Sustainable Native Communities Design Lab and a 2019 Obama Fellow, presents ideas for creative placemaking design that is responsive to native communities.

In addition to community programs and specific arts focuses, the Mariposa Arts Council dedicates significant efforts to develop and implement cultural policy, be an advocate and aquifer of support for a county’s creative placemaking work; create art education initiatives/infrastructure, and, facilitate the connection between the arts and codified county priorities, constructive community goals and civic engagement throughout the entire county we serve.

Cultural Policy and Planning

Creative Placemaking Strategy

Creative placemaking offers a framework for promoting both a more resilient rural economy, and a more inclusive, representative, and diverse set of stories about our community. The Creative Placemaking Strategy seeks to support Mariposa’s unique cultural identity and facilitate creative placemaking projects that represent our region.

Adopted August 17, 2021. Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grant program.

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Defining Creative Placemaking

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Arts Education Policy

Strategic Arts Education Plan

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Creative Youth Development

The Beat Harvest, Student Show 2019
Led by local musicians Adam Burns and Gail Dreifus, Beat Harvest shows are an opportunity for music students to perform in front of a live audience. The Creative Youth Development Working Group will help connect both new and existing programs like this one.

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