Stockton Creek Hide and Seek

In partnership with Sierra Foothill Conservancy and Mariposa Public Utility, we’ve been developing a fun public art project along the Stockton Creek Preserve entitled Stockton Creek Hide and Seek. Working with local artist, Jackie Baxton, this project leverages art in order to foster awareness of our local foothill ecology and wildlife habitat with life size bronze statues of vulnerable animals native to the preserve. The sculptures will be strategically situated along the Stockton Creek Preserve trail system and visitors are encouraged to play “Hide and Seek” as they search for the animal sculptures. This project is aligned with the Creative Placemaking Strategy’s Land Preservation and Interpretive Art Recommendation.

Finding Statues
Right now, three Western Pond Turtles statues are hidden along Canyon Creek Trail on Stockton Creek’s 6th St. entrance. Explore site near the the water and rocky riparian nooks!

Announcements on new animal statues coming soon.

Jackie Baxton, the Arts Council and Sierra Foothill Conservancy have identified several species which will be installed over the course of the next few years, starting with the Western Pond Turtle. The Western Pond Turtle is a California Species of Special Concern and is California’s only native freshwater turtle. This special turtle has experienced population reductions of 75-80% due to loss of habitat, predation, and competition from non-native species, such as red-eared sliders.