JumpStArts 2018 – Mural painting with Oakland muralist, Dave Young Kim.

JumpStArts is an artists in residency program for probation, foster and at-risk youth. The program is ongoing and held multiple times per week at the Alliance for Community Transformations’ Ethos Youth Center.  The program supports a growing body of academic research indicating that exposing youth to art promotes emotional intelligence, a greater sense of self-worth, and critical thinking skills.

Support for this program comes from Mariposa County Human Services Agency, the Mariposa County Depart of Probation, the California Arts Council’s JumpStArts grant program, the Sierra Health Foundation’s Elevate Youth program 

JumpStArts participant holds casted origami paper crane earring

For many participants, art production and the learning process become avenues for personal narrative and expression. The following statement is from a student during the metalworking and jewelry-making residency with artist Jackie Baxton.

    JumpStArts 2016 – West Coast museum field trip

    2017 JumpStArts Funding Announcement Press Release