The Goldman Project

The Mariposa County Arts Council’s Theatre Alliance and Merced Community College Community Services presented “The Goldman Project,” on November 6, 7, 8, 12, and 13, 2015 at The Mariposa County Park Amphitheater.

“The Goldman Project” is a three-character drama, which takes place within the confines of the Upper Manhattan apartment of Naomi Goldman, a 71-year-old Romanian-born widow. Naomi’s live-in son Tony, recently separated from his wife, reconnects with Aviva, an old college girlfriend who has an ulterior motive — to interview Tony’s mother for a documentary regarding the Holocaust memorial project.

Playwright Staci Swedeen has described “The Goldman Project” as “a play about family relations, the lingering legacy of the Holocaust and the catharsis of self-renewal.” Through the character of Aviva, the catalyst that moves the play forward, secrets are eventually revealed that profoundly change the relationship dynamics between the characters. Directed by Richard Hoffman, “The Goldman Project” affirms the adage of “the truth will set you free.”