All My Sons

Arthur Miller’s American classic “All My Sons” was directed by Fred Friedland and performed county-wide on May 24, 25, and May 26 at the Mariposa Amphitheater, May 31 at the El Portal Community Hall, and June 1 at the Coulterville Park.


Set a few years after World War II, “All My Sons” begin in the backyard of the Keller family. They look like a mid-century American success story. Joe runs the business, Kate runs the home, and their son, Chris, will inherit it all. But there is something rotten in the Keller household and secrets have a way of getting out . . . 

The Kellers have been waiting for their MIA son Larry to turn up alive since the end of the war. No matter how unlikely his return, Kate cannot give up hope. Chris, the surviving son, has fallen in love with his brother’s fiancée Ann, and on a visit to the Keller family home, their controversial romance opens up shallow wounds. Amidst accusations of war crimes and the impending reality that Larry is never coming home, the confrontation that follows exposes secrets and lies too big to be forgiven.