January – March 2019

TWO FROM THE HEART an exhibition featuring individual and collaborative work from artists Penny Otwell and Tim DeWitt open at the Treetop Gallery from January 24 – March 15, 2019.

Meet Penny:

Lake Mono – Oil

Motivated by the rhythm and design of the natural world, Penny Otwell studied natural history principals through direct observation along Yosemite’s High County trails and attended scientific outdoor field seminars from experts; what she knows and loves about the mountains translated through her paintings.

“Something about the available light is usually my guide. Over time, I’ve become a keen observe of nature by painting in the outdoors.”

Meet Tim:

Close Up – Ink

Tim DeWitt’s working life has orbited around creating things for people or drawing things for other people to create since the ’70s. Starting out, Tim handcrafted leather clothing, accessories and gifts for high profile musicians including Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Tom Waits, and many more. Gradually, his career transitioned into architecture, where he designed commercial and residential working drawings for over 25 years.  Inspired by Penny, he has recently expanded and experimented with his intrinsic need to create, making leather coats and bags once again while finding fresh forms of artistic expression.

Follow Tim on Instagram: @oldhippieleather

How Tim Met Penny:

Tim and Penny’s families first met in Yosemite National Park where Tim led backpacking trips that Penny organized for the Yosemite Hiking Association. They remained friends while their now-grown children attended school together here in Mariposa, but say they really “re-met” four years ago. Tim and Penny discovered they spoke the same languages of art, color; love for Yosemite, the High Country; family.

 “We were both in our sunset years, we both thought our suns had set. But turns out, there is a whole new chapter…”

Tim DeWitt