Regional Artist Database

More than just a list, this database is a tool for the future. Count yourself in. 

The Mariposa Arts Council is developing a database of regional artists of all mediums (visual, performance, literary, cultural, etc) to support artists, arts education and creative placemaking efforts in Mariposa County.

About the Artist Database

Over the past two years, the Mariposa Arts Council worked alongside the Mariposa County Office of Education to develop the Strategic Arts Education Plan for all the schools in the county; and with the Mariposa County Planning Department to develop Mariposa County’s first cultural policy, the Creative Placemaking Strategy.

One of the most significant pieces of feedback we heard from teachers and students while developing the Strategic Arts Education Plan is that they would like to build relationships with regional artists. In addition, the Creative Placemaking Strategy is embedded with many opportunities for artists to connect their work to the community through artistic and creative placemaking projects, programs and initiatives.  This database will help us loop regional artists into the implementation of these plans. 

The database will be Mariposa Arts Council’s go-to tool for connecting artists to requests for proposals/qualifications, teaching artist work, funding, technical assistance, service opportunities, employment and more. This database collects contact and general information from artists and gauges each individual artists’ interests towards community engagement, teaching, work, and collaborative opportunities.

This database will: 

  • Help facilitate connections and relationships between artists and schools, teachers and students. 
  • Connect social practice artists to Mariposa County creative placemaking opportunities, programs and projects
  • Connect artists with funding and grant opportunities on a regional, state and national level
  • Serve as the Arts Council’s primary contact list and support network mechanism for local and regional artists

Database Entry Requirements

There are a number of documents/files you’ll be asked to upload and detailed information you’ll be asked to share, so we suggest gathering the following ahead of time: 

  1. Curriculum vitae and or exhibition list
  2. Biography
  3. Artist Statement
  4. Headshot and or representative image of your work
  5. List of galleries where you are represented or collections that include your work
  6. Short description of any teaching experience you have.

To see a full list of database questions, click here.