Take a Hike


karl blossfeldt 2

Photo by Karl Blossfeldt

“To photograph is to confer importance.” Susan Sontag

We do not hesitate to document with our cameras life’s momentous occasions, the rainbow that magically appears in the sky, our child’s silly expressions, our pet’s funny antics, overseas holidays, sweeping landscapes, and our progress on carpentry and automotive projects because these things are meaningful to us. What’s more, we don’t just take these pictures to simply be a tool to jog our memory in old age, we take pictures knowing they will have a wide audience. And in sharing our photographs we share with others what is of interest and importance in our lives, inviting them to invest themselves in the things we hold dear….and my, how we like to share (I just logged off facebook for the night)!

Here in Mariposa, one thing I’ve noticed most people value is the abundance of beautiful undeveloped land that surrounds us. And here I will shamelessly plug one of my favorite local organizations working to preserve these spaces, Sierra Foothill Conservancy (SFC) www.sierrafoothill.org. I am looking forward to teaming up with Kristen Boysen, from SFC to co-lead a guided walk and photography workshop on the Trabucco Ranch, one of SFC’s properties, on April 14th.  I have selected a couple different elements of art to talk about in the context of landscape photography…because as long as we using photography to confer importance, we might as well make the images pop! No prior photography experience is required and I am just as down with a camera phone as I am with a fancy full-frame DSLR. All ages welcome. I am looking forward to seeing you on the 14th!