Resources for Students & Parents

Attempting to grow, educate, and entertain ourselves in new circumstances can be challenging, particularly for students learning from home! We’ll post arts resources we find here as we discover them.

Art at Home

Six categories of arts resources for parents homeschool or anyone looking for a creative outlet – curated by CreateCA. #createathome


An entire list of free art classes from famous illustrators, designed for the young and young-at-heart (published by Fast Company).


Doodle together and explore ways of writing and making with weekly tutorials for kids from author and illustrator, Mo Willems.



Listening In

Build a thriving creative practice with the Creative Pep Talk podcast, featuring artsy guests, brain hacks, and more!

Watch Storyteller Bil Lepp (from the Mariposa Storytelling Festival) performs free “Quarantine Stories” on Youtube for children and parents alike.

Extra Goods

The Art’s Council’s new Virtual Film Club for meaningful entertainment and online discussion. Week 1 is designed films from ages 3 to 17+

Found good resources you’d like to share with the arts community, too? Send them to Daisy at