2017 April

A concert featuring music of incredible beauty and awe-inspiring power. And a magnificent soloist. Or two.

MSO Concertmaster Sally Kinter

One of the most beloved and amazing symphonic works ever composed, Scheherazade‘s four movements portray the Arabian Nights tales of The Sea and Sinbad’s ShipThe Story of the Kalender Prince, The Young Prince and Princess and that fantastic finale depicting Festival at  Baghdad – The Sea – Shipwreck – and Conclusion. All woven together by tale-teller Scheherazade, who each night cleverly weaves a cliff-hanger in order that her Sultan husband will allow her to live another day – only so his curiosity about the story’s ending will be sated. Until the end, when – well: you’ll find out.

Les Marsden and Ira Lehn

Ernest Bloch’s Schelomo is a remarkably soul-searching work, and the finest one composed by a man described by no less than Yehudi Menuhin as a “great composer without any narrowing qualifications whatever.” An opinion with which I concur.  First composed with the human voice in mind as soloist, Bloch decided the cello was an “infinitely grander and more profound voice that could speak all languages.” And so the cello speaks the voice of Schelomo – the Hebrew name for King Solomon.  And in this music, the orchestra represents Schelomo’s world, while the cello considers the many meanings of life – including the rhythms of “Oriental” seduction, making it a more than apt concert partner for Scheherazade. The overall tone is one of sadness and despair at the human condition – though hope is delivered briefly during the cello’s musing. Special Guest Cello Soloist, Ira Lehn, will perform Ernest Bloch’s deeply moving Schelomo Hebraic Rhapsody for Cello and Orchestra.

The darkly-hued opening of the overture to Mozart’s “dramma giocoso” opera “Don Giovanni” (or if you prefer, “Don Juan”) will begin our concert.  Truly a brilliant combination of comic and dramatic – and even horrific elements: this is one of its composer’s most powerful overtures and was written literally overnight.

Notes from Les Marsden, MSO Founding Music Director and Conductor

Les Marsden,

Founding Music Director and Conductor

The Mariposa Symphony Orchestra

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