2016 October


Fresh from our historic tour – 

The Mariposa Symphony Orchestra makes MORE history as our 15th season begins.

Two Composers.  Two Symphonies:

Ludwig van Beethoven.  Universally beloved name; synonymous with the word “music.”  


Jan Václav Hugo Voříšek.   Who?  Could you repeat that, please?  

With his (1804) third symphony, the “Eroica” – more than with any other piece,
Beethoven stormed the bastions of music, kicked in the door of the “classical” period,
overturned the apple cart of convention and reinvented music.  Literally.

It was REVOLUTION.  In the truest sense of that word.

And in HIS (1821) one and only symphony, Voříšek – often called the “Czech Mozart”
composed a wonderfully charming, Mozartesque look: backwards.  Though 
written nearly 20 years after Beethoven’s “Eroica,” Voříšek might have been 
trying to build a bridge to the past rather than try to tear one down. 

It’s fascinating listening, no matter what.   Don’t miss it.

Saturday, October 22nd at 7 pm  
The Fiester Auditorium, 
Mariposa County High School


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