Student Mural Projects

As a part of our commitment to creative youth in Mariposa, we’re supporting two student-led mural projects on school campuses.

These murals are located at Mariposa Elementary School and Mariposa County High School, designed and painted by high school students. These projects are a part of the Strategic Arts Education Plan and the Creative Placemaking Strategy for Mariposa County, and are created in collaboration with the Mariposa County Office of Education.

Work in progress

At Mariposa High School, Art Club students collaborate on a panel series depicting the metamorphosis stages of a monarch butterfly. Each panel is uniquely styled, designed and painted by students from start to finish.

At Mariposa Elementary School, muralist and poet, Clay River shares their creative process with two student artists, Justus Wellcome and Autumn Stock. The pair of monarch wings is scaled to fit as a backdrop for Kindergarteners as they begin their education and establish a sense of pride and self on campus.

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