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Together with local film buffs Erik Bachman and Shane Sweeting, we kickstarted Virtual Film Club, a program designed to promote conversation and community during social distancing.  

After piloting VFC for five months in 2020 with curated film lists and Zoom film discussions, we are gearing up for some big changes! Look forward to a community film and discussion series this winter, and in the meantime – stay tuned and explore over 75 smart film selections and thoughtful discussion prompts!

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Shane Sweeting and Erik Bachman totally dig each other. Almost as much as they enjoy consuming fish & chips on well-lit London street corners, raising two lovely fellows in an ever-crazy world, and watching movies. Erik’s been known to incorporate film into his literature classes (as well as publish an article or two on the subject), while Shane is a proud projectionist with several years of running an art house cinema under her belt. They are beyond stoked to now be adulting /making community in Shane’s hometown of Mariposa, California. 

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Virtual Film Club is supported in part by the California Arts Council’s
Local Impact grant program