Mission / Equity Statement & Programs Overview

Mission Statement

The Arts Council is an incorporated not-for-profit organization, created to promote and support all forms of the cultural arts, for all ages, throughout Mariposa County.

We believe that the arts contribute significantly to the vibrancy and health of Mariposa County, and our programs and the services we provide are designed to benefit our community in the following ways:

• Serve the diverse interests of residents living in and around Mariposa County

• Positively increase the visibility of Mariposa

• Leverage the many positive facets of art for constructive community engagement, civic dialogue and social change

• Support the local economy

• Provide opportunities for collaboration among individuals, organizations, businesses and civic leaders in Mariposa and beyond

• Act as a conduit to better connect the community of Mariposa to issues, movements and opportunities beyond its boundaries

• Foster awareness of the wide range of artistic voices and media offering different lenses of interpretation for our community, environment and world

• Utilize the arts as an equalizer that can create a level playing field where underrepresented voices can be heard, amplified and engaged

• Contribute to the health of all people by engaging them in the creation and appreciation of art

Equity Statement

The Mariposa County Arts Council endeavors to grow an inclusive organization and creative culture in Mariposa buoyed by multiple perspectives, amplifying equity and strengthening our ability to see each other more clearly. Therefore, we:

• Actively commit ourselves to the just and fair inclusion of all people into a society in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential, celebrating the complexity and strength that equity brings to every facet of life in Mariposa County.

• Embrace the work of confronting and addressing systemic inequities, historic oppression, and racism seeded throughout our social, cultural, environmental, and economic landscape.

• Recognize the power of representation and honor our community by welcoming people from all backgrounds and life experiences to our leadership table, partnership network, staff family, and community of program participants and audience members.

• Proceed guided by kindness, honesty, grace, openness, generosity, humility, and inclusivity.

Program Overview

Cultural Events

Creative Placemaking