Summer Camp Kids Help Fire Victims

Summer Art Camp, a program that partners with the Mariposa Parks and Rec. Summer Day Camp, typically offers music and visual arts classes to kids 7 -12. This year, camp kids used their newfound Art Camp talents to give back in an unexpected way!

During the final week, Art Camp kids participated in a Music Workshop led by local musician and educator, Adam Burns. They learned the basics of music theory, song writing, instrument playing, and singing, and recorded their own original song, “What’s Waiting For Me?” as a final product. Per request of the camp kids, all profits raised from their $1 downloadable song will be donated to the Mariposa Community Foundation to help those impacted by the Detwiler fire.


What’s Waiting For Me?

School’s out for the summer
The breeze in the trees
The warmth of a sun-ny day
What’s waiting for me?

Swallowtail butterflies fluttering around
Here I am, sitting on the ground
Jet-black blackbirds chirping in a tree
I’m sitting down, swinging my feet
Walls of water shimmer in the sun
I just want to have some fun
Tall green trees and a beautiful sky
I wish I could spread my wings and fly

The wind blowing softly on my face and ears
Trees that have grown for years and years
An American flag flying high above the town
Everything is going around
Breathing in the cool fresh air
When will I get to go to the fair?
You never know what in the world you’ll find
Is that a potato? Wait, never mind.