Treetop Gallery

New Exhibition

Thursday, June 6
Opening Reception

4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Treetop Gallery (5009 Hwy 140, Mariposa) 

Hannelore Fischer

Departure – Acrylic

Hannelore Fischer is the Treetop Gallery’s newest artist. After emigrating from Germany in the early 80’s, Hannelore studied art in prominate schools in California, painting and learning under Wayne Thiebaud, Mike Henderson, Squeak Carnwath, ceramics with Annabel Rosen and mural painting with Malaquias Montoya. She’s engaged deeply with Transformative Art practices which she applies to her abstract artwork. Hannelore uses acrylic paint mixed with a clear medium with a stippling and reduction process to build abstract textural pieces inspired by botany, microbiology, and celestial imagery. When describing her composition process, she says, “I recreate the energy I remember from my outdoor experience, and intend to capture movement as well as stillness. My work is an investigation into interconnectedness.” 

 Lorie Setterburg

Stellar’s Jays – Acrylic

A transplant from the Salinas area to Mariposa, Lorie is inspired by the play of color and light on landscape.  She paints in oil using a variety of styles including pleine aire, traditional and realistic, capturing great detail. Her new work reinterprets familiar Sierra Nevada vistas with bold, earthy oils and broad, structured paint strokes. Her education and career in geography and geology has profoundly influenced her work. She describes her modus operandi when creating a painting as “…less is more. Most of my time planning is spent just thinking about my vision of the finished piece. The immediacy and quickness of my process and limited palette produces colors on the canvas that I love…”  

Wei Zhang

Traditional Chinese calligraphy – Ink

Wei (pronounced W-EE) applies a poetic approach to traditional Chinese calligraphy, painting, and ink illustration on large scale decorative scrolls. Her simple process yields beautiful results,  by “ . . . hooking, rubbing, spotting, dyeing and coloring to capture mountains, water, trees, and flora,” following traditional Chinese freehand landscape techniques.  Wei emigrated from Beijing, China eight years ago and since then has incorporated inspiration from Yosemite into her work. She celebrates the contrast between her work and Western oil, watercolor and acrylic artwork, interpreting the National Park through the lens of her cultural and artistic heritage. 

The Treetop Gallery

The Arts Council’s Treetop Gallery acts as accessible space for visitors to enjoy rotating curated exhibitions and offers local artists the opportunity to showcase and sell an inclusive scope of their work publicly.  The Treetop facilitates multiple avenues for engagement with the visual arts, including classes, workshops, and receptions, and hosts the Mariposa Arts Council’s headquarters.

Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm
Accessible on weekends through downstairs entrance  (Chocolate Soup)

5009 Hwy 140 | Mariposa, CA 95338


The Arts Council’s Treetop Gallery acts as accessible space for visitors to enjoy rotating curated exhibitions and offers local artists the opportunity

What’s Next?

Flo – Photograph by Paul Brickett

Look forward to our next exhibition featuring the final projects from our 2019 F/STOP Photography program. These images are a visual partner to the Mariposa Creek Parkway project. 



The Arts Council’s Treetop Gallery acts as accessible space for visitors to enjoy rotatin

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