Our Artists

Our current exhibition features three artists, including crafter Leonard Bullock, photographer Jeannetta Phillips, and painter Phyllis McAdams, occupying the Treetop Gallery until November 5, 2018.

Leonard Bullock

Leonard Bullock sits in his log cabin art studio in Mariposa, CA

Leonard Bullock makes handwrought hammered copper in the style and tradition of the Dirk van Erp Studio and other Arts and Crafts period metal studios. Trained in San Francisco in Art Metal Crafting under the reowned metalsmith Roger Baird, Leondard practice his craft in his log cabin metal shop in Mariposa, California near  Yosemite National Park. Leonard’s style of metal cragfinting is true to the Arts & Crafts period with all work performed by hand – from cutting, filing and sanding to deign scribing, hammering and planishing, and on to final patina and wax finishing. Every handwrought copper item is unique: a one-of-a-kind  piece of artwork produced in the traditional style of old European coppersmithing.

Jeanetta Phillips

Pohono Bridge – Photograph by Jeanetta Phillips

Jeanetta Phillips is a photographer who lives and works in the Sierra Nevada area and photographs mostly landscapes, floral, historical scenes, and textual abstracts. She has been practicing photography since she was a young child in Monterey County. Her father encouraged her craft, giving her a camera which she used to capture her family and animals. Her work has been shown widely and she has gathered many awards and accolades for her images.

Phyllis McAdams 

Her Hats – Oil Painting by Phyllis McAdams

 Various Voices in Two and Three Dimensions

The major portion of  Phyllis McAdams work involves the “Still Life” and different ways of presenting it. Her intention is to give ordinary objects a fresh and contemporary look.  In this genre, she works mostly in oils, from direct observation of her subject and is best known for her use of the trompe l’oeil (to fool the eye) technique.  Her subjects are the ordinary objects she finds around the house or discarded in garage sales and thrift shops. They are the simple things we tend to ignore until they become the focal point of a painting. She wants to convey to the viewer there is beauty and interest, not only in the obvious but also in the unexpected and not-so-obvious and that even the most mundane object can be, in itself, a remarkable work of art.

Other aspects of Phyllis’ work have included the exploration of methods and materials and experimentation with shaped surfaces. These explorations have resulted in a series of paintings with sculptural and relief type elements, some having spiritual significance and others being purely visual, often with a whimsical twist. 

Inspired by a long time love for fashion design and in contrast to the exactness of trompe l’oeil, Phyllis’ earlier work also included a series of loose and expressive paintings depicting department store mannequins.  Each painting is accompanied by a paper mache sculpture that images a figure portrayed in the painting.  This series is another example of her desire to add dimension to her work.

Last, but not least, the most recent addition to Phyllis’ work is her small and expressive daily paintings.  These little gems, she claims, as her ‘happy paintings’ because they are such a joy to paint.

The Treetop Gallery

Our newly designed exhibition schedule will feature a select pair or group of artists for several months at a time. The Arts Council is eager to allow local artists an opportunity to showcase the scope of their work, versus one or two works seasonally. The Treetop Gallery features the work of local artists and curated exhibitions, and is designed to be both a retail gallery and a space that facilitates multiple avenues for engagement with the visual arts. The Gallery is located at 5009 Highway 140, Mariposa, and is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and may be accessed on the weekends through the entrance to Chocolate Soup (downstairs).

The Treetop Gallery is proud to support the work of local artists:

Linda Abbott Malcolm Mc Gregor
Trowzers Akimbo Patti Mc Gregor
Ryan Alonzo Ann Mendershausen
Jackie Baxton Ralph Mendershausen
Phyllis Becker Jeanne Moje MacDonald
Becky Caraco Saralynn Nusbaum
Moira Donohoe Penny Otwell
Ann Harris Jeanetta Phillips
Candace Harrison Lorie Setterberg
Charlotte Hoffman Fran Shell
David Hoffman LothLorien Stewart
Carol Johnson Vicki Thomas
Gary Langdon John Tomsick
Michelle Marco Helen Willoughby Peck
Phyllis McAdams Wei Zhang
Carol Johnson Tim Dewitt
Leonard Bullock Polly Kananaugh
Lura Schwarz-Smith Kerby Smith

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