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12244564_10153297767300698_7870610521190320334_oThe Treetop Gallery features the work of local artists and curated exhibitions, and is designed to be both a retail gallery and a space that facilitates multiple avenues for engagement with the visual arts. The Gallery is located at 5009 Highway 140, Mariposa, and is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and may be accessed on the weekends through the entrance to Chocolate Soup (downstairs).


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Tree Mortality

Progression – Painting by Linda Abbot

This summer, our region artists explored the issue of tree mortality through a variety of visual media. Though a significant portion of the Sierra Nevada terrain has been altered, the featured work looks onward, showing the simultaneous desecration and resilience of nature through an artist’s perspective.

This exhibition was displayed until July 16, with some featured work remaining until Fall 2018.

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The Treetop Gallery is currently undergoing refinement and restructure.

Our newly designed exhibition schedule will feature a select pair or group of artists for several months at a time. The Arts Council is eager to allow local artists an opportunity to showcase the scope of their work, versus one or two works seasonally. The 2018/2019 gallery exhibition schedule will be available after LANDMARK: Yosemite Through the Lens of Contemporary Landscape Photography, held at the gallery August 4 to November 26, 2017.

The Treetop Gallery is proud to support
the work of local artists:

Linda Abbott Malcolm Mc Gregor
Trowzers Akimbo Patti Mc Gregor
Ryan Alonzo Ann Mendershausen
Jackie Baxton Ralph Mendershausen
Phyllis Becker Jeanne Moje MacDonald
Becky Caraco Saralynn Nusbaum
Moira Donohoe Penny Otwell
Ann Harris Jeanetta Phillips
Candace Harrison Lorie Setterberg
Charlotte Hoffman Fran Shell
David Hoffman LothLorien Stewart
Carol Johnson Vicki Thomas
Gary Langdon John Tomsick
Michelle Marco Helen Willoughby Peck
Phyllis McAdams Wei Zhang
Carol Johnson Tim Dewitt
Polly Kavanaugh Kerby Smith