New Exhibition at Treetop Gallery

The Treetop Gallery’s current exhibition features three local artists – ceramist, Phyllis Becker, photographer, Carol Johnson, and painter, John Tomsick – from March 8 through April 22, 2018.

Phyllis Becker, a local ceramicist and educator, designs pieces intended for daily use – equally beautiful and functional.

John Tomsick’s new series, entitled Bushman, uses bold, earthy pastels, watercolors, and distinctive textures to depict the hundreds, animals, had-human half-animal hybrids, medicine men, and healers inspire by pre-historic rock are and cave paintings throughout South Africa and Botswana.

Carol Johnson’s work features images from her vibrant travel experiences, from California’s coast, to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Havana, Cuba, and all the spaces in between.

In addition to their role as featured artists, Tomsick, Becker, and Johnson are deeply connected to the Arts Council, either as board members or faithful teaching artists.

The gallery will also feature images from the Arts Council’s arts programming in Mariposa’s schools, including SITE + VISION, a new visual literacy program for high school students, and Artist in the Schools, an annual residency program that places a trained teaching artist in every 5th-grade classroom in the county.