Mariposa Storytelling Festival


Mariposa Storytelling Festival is no longer a program of the Arts Council, but still thrives in Mariposa County:

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Our final year of the Mariposa Storytelling Festival

Storytelling Festivals across the nation are finding it difficult to continue offering venues for this magical and inspiring art that we call Storytelling.  With rising production costs and dwindling sponsorships, ticket sales are unable to cover the cost of producing a nationally recognized Storytelling Festival.  And unfortunately, the Mariposa Storytelling Festival, sponsored by the Mariposa County Arts Council, was no exception.  After much discussion, we decided to step back after our 30th Mariposa Storytelling Festival’s Grand Celebration, March 10 – 12, 2017. Storytelling has been adopted by Mariposa community members, who can be found at:

Our Past Festivals