Virtual Film Club

Together with local film buffs Erik Bachman and Shane Sweeting, we’re piloting a new program designed to promote conversation and community while we practice social distancing.  Virtual Film Club features:

  • Curated lists of streamable films (available for view, rent or buy on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, or iTunes) published weekly here and on our Facebook page
  • In-depth discussion prompts and thoughtful Q’s on each film
  • Bi-weekly VFC Talk facilitated by Erik and Shane via Zoom video conferencing. (Every other Sunday at 8 p.m.) Register by emailing Daisy at for a Zoom link and passcode.


Sunday July 12 8PM:
I am Love – dir. Luca Guadagnino
from VFC LIST Foodies + Film
Rent or Buy on Amazon Prime

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Sunday July 26 at 8PM:
Johnny Guitar – dir. Nicholas Ray
from VFC LIST Westerns with a Capital W (TBA)
Amazon Prime

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Sunday August 9 at 8PM:
Certified Copy – dir. Abbas Kiarostami
from VFC LIST Identity Crisis (TBA)

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Shane Sweeting and Erik Bachman totally dig each other. Almost as much as they enjoy consuming fish & chips on well-lit London street corners, raising two lovely fellows in an ever-crazy world, and watching movies. Erik’s been known to incorporate film into his literature classes (as well as publish an article or two on the subject), while Shane is a proud projectionist with several years of running an art house cinema under her belt. They are beyond stoked to now be adulting /making community in Shane’s hometown of Mariposa, California. 

Email Daisy at

Virtual Film Club is supported in part by the California Arts Council’s
Local Impact grant program